About Red Media

RED MEDIA is one of the World's Premier media production and post-production houses.
With worldwide Divisions in New York, London, Asia, Dubai and Doha.

RED MEDIA prides itself as one of the leaders in the Media Production – Professional Film & Photography Industry. We provide the latest technology and equipment allowing us to give our clients the best service possible on-site and through other media.
In addition, as the first, specialized Construction Photography and Videography Company in the Middle East, we have documented various projects;
from building constructions to off-shore rigs including aerial and underwater film and photography.
We firmly believe that we can contribute effectively to your business environment bringing an international perspective to the workplace.
We aim to serve you in the most Creative, Economical and Efficient ways that fit your needs.

Production Division

We produce documentaries, corporate videos, aerial-land-maritime filming and photography for all kinds of projects. We are a customer-driven company who is distinctively positioned to deliver state-of-the-art turnkey production and media solutions.

Time-Lapse Video & Photography Systems

Time-Lapse cameras and Construction cameras are an essential component in commercial business, as they play an important role in documenting Construction projects, by monitoring the day-by-day growth and progress. They utilize the high-end techniques of Time-Lapse Photography & Videography that enable them to capture frames at a lesser frequency.

Documentary Film

We produce documentaries, nonfiction films on diverse subjects including: construction, oil and gas production and stations, mechanics, etc...

Corporate Videos & Business Communication

Whether you're launching a new product, or want to record your event for prosperity we'll be on hand to make sure every element is captured and presented to the highest standard.

General Digital Video & Film Production

We are experienced in filming all types of events, including conferences, seminars, live stage shows, concerts, exhibitions and fashion shows. Whether your project is a documentary, any kind of video or a TV Commercial, we have the tools and the talent you need.

3D, Industrial & Commercial Filming & Photography

Production and filming of all kind of 3D, industrial, construction or mechanical projects.

Drone, Aerial & Underwater Filming & Photography

Whether the production you need is from the sky or underwater, we have the state of the art equipment and the professional team to make it happen.

Location & production

Whether your company needs equipment rental, production staff or research and filming permits in the country or anywhere in the world, we can provide them for you.


We are a talented group of specialists who focus on helping clients through Publicity, Advertising, Branding, Marketing Communications and PR Coaching services. We follow the same proven process of defining opportunities, quantifying goals and choosing the optimal media mix for reaching target markets.


We help our clients to move their business forward by developing marketing strategies that can be artfully executed with significant impact as advertising and marketing materials.


We work with brands to guide them from developing the communications idea that brings their brand to life to optimizing executions to deliver brand growth and ROI.


We help brands create a differentiated name and image to establish a presence in the consumer’s mind and attract, keep and communicate directly with their customers to develop products that sell.


We help clients, big or small and from different industries in planning their PR activities for the year. Planning a PR strategy will not only help generate new ideas and opportunities for the business to shine, it'll give the client a peace of mind in his day-to-day operations.


We believe that the formula for great products and users delight lies in smart valuable experiments. Collecting precious insights and creating feedback loops creates a connection between the product and its users. It helps companies build the right things, bring a smile to their customers and keep their team motivated.


We offer a complete website design and development service no matter what size of website you are looking for. Whether you’re starting from scratch or your site needs a make over we will provide a cost effective web design solution.


With more than 1 billion smartphone users worldwide, mobile technologies are at the core of digital strategy of many major companies. Innovation in this area is growing dramatically fast! With the emergence of many new connected devices it has become very difficult to spot upcoming trends and uses around this environment.


Getting good results with Agile is actually relatively easy: form a cross-functional team, prioritize backlog items, create a shippable product each iteration. Follow the process and your team is likely to deliver value. Great results require a great team. And great teams rarely just happen. A team, that's new to Agile and aspiring toward greatness, may need a trained, experienced coach.


A business model is a system where one element influences the other. It makes sense as a whole. By visually depicting a business model, one turns its tacit assumptions into explicit information. This makes the model tangible and allows for clearer discussions and changes. Visual techniques give life to a concept and facilitate co-creation.


We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly. Here's a list of some of our clients...


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